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RUNNERS - results for the MRTC RRS 2nd 5 miler and/or full series results though the 5-miler are POSTED.  Photos from the 2nd 5 miler are also POSTED.  Thanks for supporting MRTC and we hope you had a great race!

RUNNERS!  Registration is still OPEN for the 2014 MRTC E.J. Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series

RUNNERS, FYI:   USATF/RRTC Position on GPS used by runners (effective June 6, 2014)
GPS devices work by receiving signals from satellites. The quality of different GPS units can vary, but all of them can be affected by conditions such as buildings in urban environments or heavy overhead tree cover that interfere with reception of the satellite signals and can cause them to be inaccurate.
Race courses Certified by USATF are measured by a proven method that incorporates the calibration of measuring devices against a steel tape and are verified by multiple measurements.
Race courses are measured along a well-defined path called the “SPR”—the Shortest Possible Route that a runner can possibly run. Most runners don’t actually run the SPR, so the distance recorded by their GPS device will usually be longer than the certified length of the course, even though the course was properly measured along the SPR according to USATF rules.

Upcoming Events
August 22
7:00pmCelebrity Sunset 5K Run/WalkLeMoyne-Owen College
August 24
7:00amMRTS RRS 2nd 5 MilerWJ Freeman Park
Saturday, Sept 68:00amMRTC WRWM Graduation 5K 
(program participants only)
Cancer Survivor Park
Sept 12
7:00pmCooper Young 4 MilerCooper Young District
Sept 13
11:00amMRTC KIDS! Run 1st training sessionAgricenter Int'l

Visit the full MRTC Club Race Calendar HERE to find more upcoming races. Also check out other races and events at our "Other events & races" page for non-MRTC sanctioned events in and around the Memphis area. 
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Please note that event communication will be via email AND posted to this website.  IF you include an email address on your registration and do not receive updates PLEASE CONTACT US.  Some business firewalls and/or spam filters will block our emails.  MRTC and the Event(s) contracted with MRTC are not responsible for failure to receive our updates.


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